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Take Pride in your city, purchase a piece of fine art TODAY!
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Cities Pride is a collaborative art initiative by photographer Luisa Pinzon and painter Malik Whitaker.  The project captures prominent landscapes from around the world to celebrate the rich culture, diversity and history of each location.  Their work highlights the many facets of each place, turning the mundane world into works of fine art one can take pride in. 

Colombian-born photographer and Curator, Luisa Fernanda Pinzon Romero, migrated to the United States at age 10. At the age of 18  
her photojournalism career began when she decided to move to La Paz Bolivia where she was given the opportunity to become a staff photographer for The Bolivian Times. After 2 years at The Bolivian Times it was time to return to the United States, where Pinzon continued her studies and work in Photography. Pinzon has evolved and developed from a diversity of fields to become an Artist, Educator, Curator and most recently Obscura Darkroom Founder and Director..  
Pinzon’s goal is to provide and share the beauty and importance of photography as an artistic medium, while discovering new ways of using photography as well as other mediums to tell stories of the world around her.  View more of her work at

Malik Whitaker was born and raised in Newark, NJ. He is a published  illustrator, educator and visual painter. Malik is also an accomplished muralist whose work can be seen on several buildings, churches and colleges throughout NJ.     He specializes in portrait and figurative painting impressions through visual translation based on individualized customer needs. He has studied many forms of art; oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and pastels.  He currently is the owner of M-Print Art studios in Newark, where he continues to display his art while working on projects and mentoring students with disabilities. Malik is also currently a teaching artist with NIPAC, Studio Institute of New York and Studio Montclair and the owner of Cement Gallery.  View More of his work at



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